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1 800 Numbers

1 800 Numbers Project a Corporate Image

Any business, regardless of its size, can project a more corporate image with 1 800 numbers. This is because these numbers help consumers feel as if the business itself is established and professional, regardless of where the business is located or how long it has been in operation.

Local vs. Toll Free

When a small business first opens its doors, many owners choose to use a local telephone number to make the business acceptable by its intended patrons. However, if the business deals in any sort of ecommerce, consumers from outside the local area may feel a bit hesitant about calling this number. When a business chooses 1 800 numbers instead, consumers are instantly drawn to them and are more likely to call for products or services. As an example, a carpet cleaning service in a suburb of Los Angeles may lose business if they choose to use a local telephone number instead of a toll free number; consumers will feel drawn to the toll free number as it touts professionalism and expertise.

No Cost to Callers

1 800 numbers help project a corporate image to consumers because they show the business’s willingness to incur the charges for their customers. This not only saves consumers money on telephone calls, but means that potential clients and customers will be more likely to call in the first place. In fact, businesses with toll free numbers receive twice as many calls as those that choose local numbers and their customers report a higher level of overall satisfaction, as well. Toll free numbers are not as expensive as business owners think and can be paid for on a monthly or annual basis.

Customer Retention

Once customers purchased products or services from a business, that business must then provide adequate customer service in order to retain their clientele. Failure to do so results in the loss of professionalism and may deter consumers from returning to a business to purchase products and services in the future. By providing 1800 numbers to the general public, businesses are doing much to improve their corporate images; they are providing their clients with an avenue to receive free customer service in the event of a question or issue.

Marketing Efforts

In order to bring in new clientele, businesses of all sizes must take part in marketing efforts that will make their presence known. The types of marketing chosen can have a significant impact on a company’s overall image, and regardless of the type of marketing chosen, 1 800 numbers are always a welcome addition. Consumers who can easily find the company’s toll-free number via billboards, websites and even the Yellow Pages are more likely to feel confident about the abilities of the business and contact them once the products and services offered are in demand.

Any business owner should be concerned with projecting a corporate image and portraying a level of establishment, regardless of the size or age of the business. By adequately utilizing 1 800 numbers, consumers in local areas and beyond will feel confident in the abilities of the business.


Call Transfer

Resolve Customer Requests Quickly with Call Transfer

Customers call businesses every day for different reasons. The problem is when the party being called does not use an efficient system that lets them handle their calls without sacrificing customer satisfaction. To solve this issue, call transfer technology can be an option. This is a telecommunication mechanism that automatically forwards calls to the right location or department, thus saving time for both the customer and the company.

How Does Call Transfer Work in the Quick Resolution of Customer Requests?

Call transfer technology allows customer concerns to be brought to the right department or staff faster and more efficiently. This is because customers simply have to dial a trunk line and be quickly connected to the person who can best handle whatever requests they may have. Sometimes callers may not even have to speak to a telephone operator, but just listen to a recorded message for dialing an appropriate extension number. This means less time is consumed, both in reaching the right person and in resolving the caller’s concern, especially when the issue involves staff in different locations or departments in a large office set-up.

Quick Resolution of Requests through Call Transfer for Greater Customer Satisfaction

When a customer’s call is handled efficiently with the use of call transfer technology, customer satisfaction is likely to increase. This is especially true when the person calling is busy and does not have time to wait for the right employee to literally walk to the phone. This is normally what happens in an office that handles calls in a traditional way, which can be very frustrating to the customer. Worse is when the wrong staff is called to resolve the concern, and the caller has to wait even longer for the right one to get on the phone. At a time when everything is automated, people expect full efficiency in a company’s services, even in terms of phone calls.

Quick Resolution of Customer Requests through Call Transfer for Higher Productivity

Resolving customer requests as fast and effectively as possible benefits both customers and the company itself. Because call transfer reduces the time spent on one call, more customer requests can be accommodated within a day. Thus, more customer issues can be resolved faster and the company’s general productivity can be increased. When call transfer is driven by recorded messages, it can even be left to work on its own moving calls from one department to another without human intervention. Thus, it cuts the need for more staff, which means higher productivity as employees can perform other tasks instead of focus on calls.

Everything runs on machines nowadays, and this includes call handling which may seem like a small, minor task in the complex world of business. However, remember that calls remain important as an avenue for businesses and customers to meet and satisfy each other. Thus, call handling should never be taken for granted as it can be a source of frustration on the part of the customer. With call transfer, this can be avoided.

1 800 Numbers

Beat the Competition When You Use 1800 Numbers

1800 numbers are an absolute must-have for any business in operation today. Not only does it ensure that clients have a central point of contact, but it also ensures that your contact number is easier to remember than that of your competitors. By making use of 1800 numbers, you can be sure that your business remains a step ahead of its competitors.
1800 Numbers Give Your Business the Edge
Research has shown that businesses that make use of 1800 numbers enjoy far higher call rates and sales conversions than those who don’t. By making use of an 1800 number, you will ensure that your business has an air of professionalism. This is because these numbers are able to be set up in such a way that they offer a professional greeting to your callers. This means that when potential clients call you, they can be assured of nothing less than professional service.

1800 Numbers are a Cost-Effective Option
Many businesses make use of 1800 numbers because of the fact that they are more cost-effective than traditional phone services. Calls to these numbers are cheaper for the clients to use and they can also be assured that if the business has to move premises due to expansion, they will still be able to make contact. 1800 numbers can be bundled with other popular services like voicemail, call forwarding or on-hold music at very affordable rates. This means that you will experience the convenience of receiving a single bill to pay each month. With 1800 numbers, businesses have the ability to upgrade their service at any time to accommodate the growing needs of their business.

Using 1800 Numbers is Easy
1800 numbers are easy to set up and to use. They are able to work in conjunction with services like caller ID, which means that you will still be able to see who is calling you. For a small fee, calls made to 1800 numbers also have the ability to be redirected to your cell phone when you aren’t able to be at the office. These numbers have similar functionality to standard phone numbers in that received calls and dialled numbers can be recorded and viewed via any computer which has internet access. All it takes to have your 1800 number set up and activated is a phone call to your service provider to enquire whether they offer the service, and if they do, to confirm that you wish to make use of the service.

1800 numbers offer flexibility along with affordable pricing. Not only will it ensure that your clients are able to reach you no matter where you are, but it will also ensure that you aren’t held captive to the high pricing structures of many other phone services. These numbers will ensure that your clients are always dealt with in a timely and professional manner at all times. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by signing up for your own 1800 number.