1800 Numbers for Every Business

If you want to make your business successful you must strengthen your communication system. It is known to all that your communication system can make or break your relationship with your customers. 1800 numbers (also known as toll free numbers) are one of the most advanced means that help you build your relationship with your customers. If you are using this number with a virtual phone system you can also enjoy some smart features in addition to the features of a traditional phone system, like: call forwarding, auto attendant, voicemail, and text transcription of voicemail (voice message sent via email), online fax and others.

For the success of your business, it is important that you project the right image of your business to your customers and 1800 numbers help you doing that. It establishes your credibility and professionalism almost instantly. Getting a toll free number is not pricey at all today.

Real Estate Agents

All businesses benefit from 1800 numbers. But there are some professionals for whom toll free numbers are all the more important: for example the realtors. A real estate professional is perhaps someone who needs seamless and reliable connectivity with his customers all the time. At the same time they need to maintain the privacy of their number.  A realtor can put their 1800 numbers and extension on signs in front of properties and when people call in they can listen to hear about the features of the house – how many rooms, the yard, how old it is, any newly added features, etc. Then they can leave a message to have someone call them back. Also, since the phone system captures the caller ID of the caller, the real estate agent can call anyone who listened to the information about a specific property. Thus a realtor can maintain the privacy of his own personal number without compromising business needs.

Home Based Businesses

1800 numbers play an important role in all home based businesses.  They need to attract new customers and build on their customer’s base. The need to look professional and credible is all the more important for home businesses.  Unless they gain the credibility of their customers they cannot get business. If they are using 1800 numbers with their virtual phone they can make their business look and sound big easily.  They enjoy all the benefits of a virtual phone while at the same time enjoying the benefits of a toll free number. Moreover, the success of marketing campaigns is crucial for small businesses and home based businesses. A toll free number has proved to be more successful than any normal phone number in these marketing campaigns.

Customer Care Professionals

The business of call centers and customer care professionals are entirely dependent on phone number. Their work starts as soon as they receive a query or complaint from their customers. 1 800 numbers encourage your customers to call you because they are not spending anything for the call. A call from your customer is an opportunity for your business. A toll free number is important because it influences your customers and also your business.

1800 numbers are relevant for every business. The rising demand for this number has created a scarcity for the popular toll free prefix – 800. A new set of toll free prefixes has emerged in its place but the significance of this number has remained unchanged.


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