5 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs 1800 Numbers

Does your business have 1800 numbers? Well, why not? A 1 800 number, also known as a toll free numbers is an invaluable asset for any business, despite its size. Your business can benefit from this number in more than one way. It is more than just brand recognition and credibility; 1800 numbers can increase the sales of your company and can also affect your ROI.

Following are 5 reasons why you should provide your small business with 1800 numbers:

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Have you ever tried to get in touch with a business and finally could not because you could not find its contact information? It can be really frustrating and you will probably never try to get in contact with that organization again. 1800 numbers help you to improve your customer service and satisfaction simply because your customers can reach you anytime and anywhere just with a call. A toll free number makes it easier for your customers to reach you and get their queries answered. They can call you anytime and it will cost them nothing. The easier you make it for your customers to reach, the more likely that they will continue to remain your customer.

Easy to Remember

Another benefit of using 1800 numbers is that it is easy to remember, especially vanity numbers. It is far easier to remember 1 800 POPCORNS than 1 800 767 26767. It is more likely that with this number people will call you and you will be able to generate more sales. Vanity numbers are also an important marketing tool that creates an easy communication channel between you and your customers and at the same time it functions as your brand. People frequently recognize your contact number as your brand.


1 800 numbers are great for businesses of all sizes but it is especially helpful for small businesses and startup companies. A toll free number enhances the credibility of your business and makes you look and sound more professional.  You could be the owner of a home based business but a toll free number showcases your professionalism and makes you accessible from anywhere, which in turn influences the credibility of your business.


With 1800 numbers, locations just do not matter. Relocating your business? Your customers will not even know because they can still reach you anytime and anywhere – even on your cell phone.  If you are using your toll free number with a virtual phone system, the phone system can forward your call to one of the three numbers of your choice regardless of your location. You should use your cell phone number as the first of these three numbers.

Marketing Tool

I have already mentioned using vanity numbers as en effective marketing tool. But 1800 numbers can also help you better track your marketing efforts. Suppose you are campaigning for your business. You have a website, a newspaper advertisement and a billboard. So when you get a query from your customer it is difficult to identify the source of the query. A toll free number, on the other hand, allows you to create extensions which can be associated with a particular campaign, like: one for print, one for the website etc.  So it becomes easier for you to calculate your ROI.


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