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Why You Should Consider Using 1800 Numbers for Your Business

Investing in 1800 numbers might seem to be expensive for a small business. But if you want your business to have a competitive edge over your competitors, a toll free number is the best tool. Though it might seem like a big investment for a small business, nevertheless it is sure to reap good returns for your business. A toll free number attracts new customers and help you to increase the revenue of your business. So why should you use such a number for your business:

Improve Your Corporate Image

Traditionally, 1800 numbers were a part of big corporations that can afford to offer toll free services for their customers. Using toll free numbers in their business contact list was a premium service that they offered for their customers. You can also elevate your business to this elite group simply by including 1800 numbers in your contact details.  Additionally, it also makes your customers confident about the product/service that you are offering.

Better Customer Service

When you are using 1800 numbers in your contact information, your customer understands that you are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Your personal cell phone number or your residence number cannot communicate this to your customers so easily. Hence, it is wise that you use toll free numbers in your business contact information. Your customers are assured that they will get superior customer service because they can reach you anytime and anywhere without spending a cent for the call – even when they are calling from far away.

Entice New Customers

Toll free phone numbers also entices new customers to call you. Vanity toll free numbers intrigue new customers to call you and inquire about your product or service. Vanity 1 800 numbers show your customers who you are, what you do and also the easiest way to reach you. Since a vanity number is also toll free, your customers will not be hesitant to call you any time and from anywhere. Moreover, they are comfortable inquiring about all the features of your product/service, since they do not have to bother about the rising telephone bill. This is your opportunity to convert an inquisitive prospect to a dedicated customer.

Marketing Your Product/Service

Vanity toll free numbers are increasingly getting indispensable for any business. This is because of the sheer advantage that any business has by using it. Vanity 1800 numbers act both as a communicative device and as a marketing tool. Since it contains a word or a phrase related to your business, your customers understand your product or service just by looking at a glance. For example, 1 800 CAR LOANS clearly shows that you are a car loan broker. These numbers also work as a brand for your business.

Building Your Brand

Many of the established brands have become synonymous with their vanity numbers, for example, 1 800 GO FEDEX. Vanity numbers makes you business a popular brand among your customers and prospects. It shows them that their queries are most welcome and you will be happy to answer them.  The influence of a brand on any business does not need any explanation. A good brand can make or break a business.  A vanity number helps you to build your brand within few months.


1 800 Numbers Can Be an Effective Tool for Your Sales

Increase Sales1 800 numbers get your intrigued customers to call you and the good thing is your customers can call as many times as they want to without spending anything for the call. A toll free number actually helps you to get more business because it makes your customers pick up their phone and dial your business contact number. This is like a bonus that your business enjoys when you choose to use a toll free number instead of a normal phone number. More than an effective communication tool, 1 800 numbers are an important tool that increases your sales and makes your marketing and promotional campaigns a success.

Be Prepared To Be Overwhelmed By Calls

Once you have started using 1 800 numbers for your business, you are sure to be overwhelmed by the number of calls you receive every day. This is because your customers do not worry about getting charged for calling you. So if they are happy with your product or service you can very well assume that they are going to share this with their friends and families near and far and you can expect a call from each of them because your phone number is – toll free. Your customer need not pay anything for calling you, even when he is calling from far away. Hence it is most essential that you answer your customers all the time and try to keep them happy. For you get reference only from happy customers.  Using a virtual phone system with your toll free number can help you provide better services to your customers.

Recognize Your Business Easily

A toll free number helps your company stand out from the rest. But this is not quite possible just by using any 1 800 numbers. You must publish your number in newspapers, magazines, billboards and the like to make it popular. Remembering your 10 digit phone number is quite difficult and often impossible. So to make it easily memorable, you better relate it with your business. This is like hitting two birds with one stone. It works as branding for your business and at the same time it shows your customers the easiest route to reach you. These types of numbers that contain alphanumeric combinations are called vanity numbers. For example, if you are car loan broker, you vanity number could be possibly 1 800 CAR LOAN.

Your Product/Service Becomes Famous

If you are using 1-800 numbers for your business, it becomes more popular than that of your competitors.  A vanity number helps a business achieve greater degree of reputation among people. This is definitely an extra edge for your business and a matter for your rivals to envy about.  Greater popularity obviously indicates that you will receive more calls from your customers. These calls are your business opportunities. You should answer all your business calls to make your customers happy.

Now this can be a little difficult. You can use a virtual phone system to manage your calls. With a virtual phone system, your customers will never hear a busy tone. You can also set the phone system to forward calls to more than one phone number. So if you are busy on one of the numbers, it will try forwarding your calls to other numbers. You will obviously include your mobile number, office number but it’s better to also include your employees’ extensions and phone numbers so that you can answer more than one customer simultaneously.

Why Your Business Needs 1800 Number Services

1800 number services or toll free numbers allow your callers to call you without spending anything for the call. Traditionally, it has been one of the hallmark services of big companies. But there has been a change in the way toll free numbers are conceived and used these days. A toll free number is no longer restricted to a medium of communication. It now does a whole lot of jobs for you, other than seamlessly connecting you with your customers and prospects. 1800 number services form an essential part of your marketing and advertising strategies. They are also an important component in any of your promotional activities.

Following are a few of the advantages that your company may have using 1800 number services:

  • Perhaps, the most important of the benefits a company may have by employing such a number is that it attracts more queries from your customers. When your customers know that they are not going to pay for the call, they are sure to call you with their slightest query.
  • By incorporating this number in your banners and brochures you immediately give an impression that your business belongs to that elite group of companies that offers toll free services for their customers.
  • Using 1800 number services is a way of showing gratitude to your customers and thanking them for giving you an opportunity.
  • As soon as you incorporate a toll free number in your business contact information, your customers understand that you are available 24 hours 7 days a week, which a cell phone number or a residential phone number may not indicate.
  • Using a toll free number service with a virtual phone system equips your business with some of the most advanced telecommunication features that help your business grow.
  • It helps you to maintain the privacy of your number. When you publish your toll free number on your business communications your cell phone number or residential number remains private, though you can forward calls to these numbers.
  • Custom-made 1 800 numbers service are more effective in generating leads and attracting new customers than a simple numeric toll free number service.
  • A vanity number is a special type of toll free number that is tailor-made for a business. These numbers have reputations for bringing success to your marketing, advertising and promotional campaigns.
  • A vanity number is an alpha-numeric number that contains a word or a phrase related to the business. For example, 1 800 CAR REPAIR, if you have a car repair business. These numbers are generally linked to the keypad of your phone. So in reality 1 800 CAR REPAIR translates to: 1 800 227 737257. Now, which is easy to remember?.
  • If you could not find the right vanity number for your business, you could also use a sequential vanity number. This contains catch number sequence like, “999” or “1234” that is easy to remember. In this case, your number will look like: 1 800 123 1234. Now, this is also quite easy to remember.
  • Once you get a toll free number for your business, you actually own it. You can change your service provider or even your business but you still carry the number and use it.

9 Important Facts about 1800 Numbers

Big corporations acknowledge the importance of an efficient communication system to their business. They realize that allowing customers to call them at no cost can promote more phoned-in questions. The more frequently a customer calls the probability of closing a sale with him increases greatly. This is actually the idea behind using 1800 numbers, also known as toll free numbers. These are business contact numbers that begins with 800, 888, 877, 866 and 855. When your customer calls you on this number, it is absolutely free for him.

Though it might seem that 1800 numbers are relevant only for big companies, even small companies can also benefit by using these numbers. A toll free number opens any small business to a greater market causing them to be as aggressive as any other big enterprise. RespOrgs are responsible for allocating these toll free numbers.

There are certain things about 1800 numbers that you should understand thoroughly before you get one for your business.  The purpose of a toll free number is to provide your customers with a number that is easy, not confusing and at the same time is a means to call your company at no cost to them. Your customers now can reach you easily from anywhere. They will not incur any charge even if they are calling from far away, which is definitely a great advantage for customers who are not located in your geography.

Following are a few significant details to give thought to:

  • A toll free number is not just a communication tool. It is also utilized as a marketing tool to stimulate calls from people. So in a way it entertains possible sales of a company.
  • You have to sign up for a number before you start using it. There are many service providers to choose from – look for one that offers a virtual phone system.
  • Your business enterprise should have an existing phone connection. You can use this special type of number with a virtual phone system with your existing telephone connection.
  • Any phone number from any service provider can be modified to make it compatible with your structure and it works efficiently.
  • An innovative phone system that benefits not only people but also sales are the best help that your company may get just by using a phone number.
  • When compared to that old fashioned telephone system, it is innovate, quicker, more efficient and more affordable. You pay significantly less as compared to your old phone bills.
  • It is also quite easy to manage. Since 1800 numbers are generally used with a virtual phone system, it becomes quite easy to use and manage. It needs no expensive hardware, software or installation. Moreover, you do not need a whole army of men for maintaining this phone system. It is quite unlike a traditional phone system in this respect.
  •  You should always advertise your 1 800 number on your marketing materials and collateral. This gives you a better exposure to your customers. The more you become popular with people the better for your business.
  • The primary reason for using a toll free number is to strengthen your communication system, to make it more effective and efficient. So you must be careful that all the calls on this number are properly answered. Then only it can make a significant difference in the revenue of your company.

1 800 numbers – A Useful Advertising Resource to Work With

The fundamental reason for using 1 800 numbers is to provide easy accessibility to your customers without them spending anything for the call. Your customers will obviously not be happy spending money on their phone calls just for collecting some information. Though many toll free prefixes are used now-a-days like, 888, 877, 866 and 855, 800 is the most popular and most recognized toll free prefix and this is why toll free numbers are often referred to as 1 800 numbers.

Ideal for Customer Service

Small businesses focusing on support service and outbound telemarketing gain a lot by using this number. These types of businesses usually make a huge number of phone calls to reach their targeted sales. In fact, any business will be happy if it can manage to save a few extra dollars.  Moreover, call centers and any kind of business support service also need 1 800 numbers because their business starts only after getting calls from their customers.

Promotional Tool

A toll free number makes call management easier and simpler. It is, in fact, the most professional way of managing your calls. You can call it an investment, but this investment is sure to bring you results. You can also use your 1 800 numbers as a promotional tool.  In fact, a special type of toll free number, known as a vanity number is especially successful in bringing success to your marketing and promotional campaigns.

Custom Made

Vanity numbers are one of the most important tools for your marketing campaigns. They are not expensive and yet they are as effective as any other marketing tool. You can feel the difference it brings to your business within a short span of using this number.  If you use this number with a virtual phone system it can doubly benefit your business.  With the virtual phone system you can take your vanity numbers wherever you go.  The ability to answer your customers all the time can have terrific influence on your customers that even months of campaigns could not achieve.

Moreover, vanity numbers are custom made and hence they are simply unforgettable. If you are using a vanity 1 800 number in your campaigns you will find your phone ringing even after your campaign has ended. Vanity numbers are easy to remember and so people will keep calling you with their questions and queries. Let’s see an example. Suppose you are a broker of car loans and wants to use a vanity number for your business, then you can use one of the following vanity numbers like, 1 800 CAR LOAN or 1 800 MY CAR LOAN. This will be easier for people to remember you when they are in need of a car loan rather than a string of 10 random digits.

Fast mental Recall

Vanity 1 800 numbers are easy to remember and so they are just perfect for the marketing and campaigning of any company. If you think that your customers will remember a 10 digit toll free number they saw on a billboard while passing on a highway, it is simply unrealistic. You can give them a clue that will help them remember your number like 1 800 RED ROSES, for your flower business.  Powerful vanity numbers often contain catchy terms that customers can recall easily.

1800 Numbers Help You Connect with Your Potential Customers

So what are 1800 numbers? They are basically telephone numbers but with a special character – the caller does not bear the cost of the call. These numbers are also known as toll free numbers and they are easily accessible from across the U.S and Canada. Though 800 is the most popular toll free prefix, there has emerged other toll free prefixes as well because of the lack of 800 prefix like, 888, 877, 866 and 855. There are many small businesses now that use a toll free number for their communication needs as well as for marketing and customer care.

Effective for Your Business

1800 numbers are a great boost for your business image. Any customer that reads your toll free number assumes your business to be really big and credible. This is one of the primary reasons why businesses prefer using a toll free number. Moreover, it can also be used to increase your industry reach simply by enhancing your communication system.  Toll free numbers are an important means of communicating with your customers.

Whether you are operating a small business or a medium-sized business it is important to have an effective communication system because that increases the productivity and efficiency of your business. Because you are providing people with a free telephone number you can expect large volumes of inbound calls from them.  Each call is your business opportunity that you should try to work upon. So a toll free number not only helps you improve the professionalism and credibility of your business but also influences the bottom line of your business – sales.

Getting Cost Free Numbers

1800 numbers not only attract new customers but can also fascinate your existing customers because they do not have to pay anything for calling you, even when they are calling from far away. A small business can definitely gain a lot simply by enhancing its customer service. Thus a toll free number becomes so relevant. Your customers are your biggest asset. Maintaining a healthy communication system with your customers is important to make them happy and keep them satisfied. Toll free numbers help you maintain this relationship with your clients. It also conveys another important message to your customers. It shows them that you care for your customers and they are your priority.  This is the reason why most of the customer service centers use a toll free number in their contact information. It actually encourages your customers to call you because they are not spending anything for the call. A call from your customer is an opportunity for your business.

Successful Marketing Tool

The success of any marketing campaign begins with its customer’s response. You know your campaign is successful only when you receive calls and queries from people about your product or service.  Using a 1 800 number might not always be enough. You must choose it with care and perhaps even consult with an expert before using it in your marketing campaigns. An alphanumeric number, also known as vanity toll free number is a special type of toll free number that has proved to be more successful than a simple numeric number when it comes to generating customer calls and responses.  A vanity number works as an extension of your brand and makes you popular across the country.