9 Important Facts about 1800 Numbers

Big corporations acknowledge the importance of an efficient communication system to their business. They realize that allowing customers to call them at no cost can promote more phoned-in questions. The more frequently a customer calls the probability of closing a sale with him increases greatly. This is actually the idea behind using 1800 numbers, also known as toll free numbers. These are business contact numbers that begins with 800, 888, 877, 866 and 855. When your customer calls you on this number, it is absolutely free for him.

Though it might seem that 1800 numbers are relevant only for big companies, even small companies can also benefit by using these numbers. A toll free number opens any small business to a greater market causing them to be as aggressive as any other big enterprise. RespOrgs are responsible for allocating these toll free numbers.

There are certain things about 1800 numbers that you should understand thoroughly before you get one for your business.  The purpose of a toll free number is to provide your customers with a number that is easy, not confusing and at the same time is a means to call your company at no cost to them. Your customers now can reach you easily from anywhere. They will not incur any charge even if they are calling from far away, which is definitely a great advantage for customers who are not located in your geography.

Following are a few significant details to give thought to:

  • A toll free number is not just a communication tool. It is also utilized as a marketing tool to stimulate calls from people. So in a way it entertains possible sales of a company.
  • You have to sign up for a number before you start using it. There are many service providers to choose from – look for one that offers a virtual phone system.
  • Your business enterprise should have an existing phone connection. You can use this special type of number with a virtual phone system with your existing telephone connection.
  • Any phone number from any service provider can be modified to make it compatible with your structure and it works efficiently.
  • An innovative phone system that benefits not only people but also sales are the best help that your company may get just by using a phone number.
  • When compared to that old fashioned telephone system, it is innovate, quicker, more efficient and more affordable. You pay significantly less as compared to your old phone bills.
  • It is also quite easy to manage. Since 1800 numbers are generally used with a virtual phone system, it becomes quite easy to use and manage. It needs no expensive hardware, software or installation. Moreover, you do not need a whole army of men for maintaining this phone system. It is quite unlike a traditional phone system in this respect.
  •  You should always advertise your 1 800 number on your marketing materials and collateral. This gives you a better exposure to your customers. The more you become popular with people the better for your business.
  • The primary reason for using a toll free number is to strengthen your communication system, to make it more effective and efficient. So you must be careful that all the calls on this number are properly answered. Then only it can make a significant difference in the revenue of your company.

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