1 800 Numbers Can Be an Effective Tool for Your Sales

Increase Sales1 800 numbers get your intrigued customers to call you and the good thing is your customers can call as many times as they want to without spending anything for the call. A toll free number actually helps you to get more business because it makes your customers pick up their phone and dial your business contact number. This is like a bonus that your business enjoys when you choose to use a toll free number instead of a normal phone number. More than an effective communication tool, 1 800 numbers are an important tool that increases your sales and makes your marketing and promotional campaigns a success.

Be Prepared To Be Overwhelmed By Calls

Once you have started using 1 800 numbers for your business, you are sure to be overwhelmed by the number of calls you receive every day. This is because your customers do not worry about getting charged for calling you. So if they are happy with your product or service you can very well assume that they are going to share this with their friends and families near and far and you can expect a call from each of them because your phone number is – toll free. Your customer need not pay anything for calling you, even when he is calling from far away. Hence it is most essential that you answer your customers all the time and try to keep them happy. For you get reference only from happy customers.  Using a virtual phone system with your toll free number can help you provide better services to your customers.

Recognize Your Business Easily

A toll free number helps your company stand out from the rest. But this is not quite possible just by using any 1 800 numbers. You must publish your number in newspapers, magazines, billboards and the like to make it popular. Remembering your 10 digit phone number is quite difficult and often impossible. So to make it easily memorable, you better relate it with your business. This is like hitting two birds with one stone. It works as branding for your business and at the same time it shows your customers the easiest route to reach you. These types of numbers that contain alphanumeric combinations are called vanity numbers. For example, if you are car loan broker, you vanity number could be possibly 1 800 CAR LOAN.

Your Product/Service Becomes Famous

If you are using 1-800 numbers for your business, it becomes more popular than that of your competitors.  A vanity number helps a business achieve greater degree of reputation among people. This is definitely an extra edge for your business and a matter for your rivals to envy about.  Greater popularity obviously indicates that you will receive more calls from your customers. These calls are your business opportunities. You should answer all your business calls to make your customers happy.

Now this can be a little difficult. You can use a virtual phone system to manage your calls. With a virtual phone system, your customers will never hear a busy tone. You can also set the phone system to forward calls to more than one phone number. So if you are busy on one of the numbers, it will try forwarding your calls to other numbers. You will obviously include your mobile number, office number but it’s better to also include your employees’ extensions and phone numbers so that you can answer more than one customer simultaneously.


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