1800 Numbers – Are They Relevant for Every Business?

When you are starting a new business and are searching the web or reading books to gather tips in order to make it successful, one of the common suggestions that you will come across everywhere is to use 1800 numbers. Every business needs a contact number for its customers and using a number specific for business instead of a generic number can definitely prove to be more beneficial for businesses. But what is so compelling about 1800 numbers that businesses of every size are opting for it? Below I have compiled some of the most commonly perceived benefits of using this number. Comparing these benefits with your business goals can help to decide whether you need one or not.


Traditionally, toll free numbers have been associated with big and large corporations. So when you include one such number in your business contact information as well, it instantly makes your business look big and professional. This also enhances your credibility because people understand you as big and they believe only big corporations are reliable.

More Sales

The most obvious implication of using 1800 numbers is that your callers do not pay for calling you, even when they are calling from far away. This attracts new customers to call you and inquire about products/services because they do not have to bother about the rising telephone bill. There also have been quite a few research reports that show a toll free number can increase sales by at least 30%.

More Calls

If you have an online store or want to encourage customers to order over the phone, your need for 1800 numbers is greater. When customers order over the phone they might take a little longer inquiring about prices, options, etc. If you want your customers to relax and feel comfortable while they are giving you business, you should use a toll free number. Moreover, customers will also feel more confident to give you their business over the phone the next time.

Better Return

Though 1800 numbers might need a minimum initial investment, they are sure to give a good return. It will compel customers to actually dial your business number and inquire about your product/service. These calls are opportunities to make more business. You need to apply all your sales techniques to convert an inquisitive caller to a dedicated customer.

Advanced Features

1 800 numbers allow the creation of extensions that makes your small business look big. You can re-direct all the calls to you and yet it will give customers an impression that they are calling a big enterprise that has separate extensions for every department.  This call redirect feature is call forwarding and can be of great benefit to your business.

The next step is to analyze whether these numbers are in line with your business goals. These numbers are quite inexpensive and will not charge you a hefty amount every month but the point is: does your business need this number? Try to match each of the above stated advantages with your business objective. Does the business need to look big and credible? Do you need to get more calls from customers in order to have more business? Does your business need to use advanced features of a modern phone system? The nature of the business actually decides if 1800 numbers are relevant or not.


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