1 800 Numbers: A Great Resource for Small Businesses

1 800 numbers are probably the greatest investment for many small sized businesses. This is the most popular toll free prefix used by businesses worldwide. This number allows customers to call a business for free. This is a great tool for enhancing the credibility of a business. If you are also planning to use one such number for your business, following are a few of its significant advantages:

Keeps Your Customers Close

Using 1 800 numbers is a smart decision for businesses to stay connected with customers and prospects. Though it looks like a simple telephone number, it allows customers from across the U.S and Canada to connect for free. It practically makes your product and service available anytime and anywhere. The customers do not have to pay even when they are calling from somewhere far. This not only strengthens your relationship with customers but also helps in building a reputation nationwide. This number is certain to captivate more customers.

Improved Customer Service

1 800 numbers also enhance the efficiency of a business that results in better customer service. Toll free numbers – when used with a virtual phone system – allow the creation of multiple extensions. You can dedicate each extension to each department like sales, accounting, etc. Calls can easily be re-directed to the right person or department without being forwarded through a series of wrong recipients. It also helps in improving the productivity of your employees because now they can also easily reach out to their colleagues. Moreover, this number shows that you are available to your customers 24×7.

More than a Communicative Device

Other than a communicative device, 1 800 numbers can also successfully be used as a marketing tool. These numbers are especially effective in making your promotional campaigns a success. Research has shown that a toll free number is able to generate more responses than a normal telephone number. The success of a vanity toll free number is even greater than a general toll free number.

As a Marketing Tool

A vanity number is a special number that contains a combination of numbers and letters. It usually closely represents the business it is associated with. For example, 1 800 POPCORN, if you are selling popcorn. The letters in this case are related to the digits of keypad of a telephone. So it tells the customers what you do and how to reach you. This is the basic information a customer needs to contact you. A vanity number is as successful as a marketing tool as it is like a communication tool. Research has proven that a vanity number can generate maximum customer responses.

Benefits of Using it with a Virtual Phone

Using a toll free number with a virtual phone system can have multiple benefits. First, it ensures that all the callers are greeted professionally and are quickly connected to the right person or department. It also allows the use of such advanced features like voicemail, virtual fax, etc. You can also make use of advanced call forwarding features to stay in contact with your customers all the time.


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