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Advantages of 1 800 Toll Free Numbers

There are plenty of advantages for businesses of all sizes when it comes to 1 800 toll free numbers. They provide plenty of portability, they help to promote a larger and more professional company image, they help expand the reach of marketing campaigns, and they are completely scalable to meet the demands of the business.


Small businesses can certainly benefit from the portability that 1 800 toll free numbers can provide. This portability allows the number to be moved from location to location along with the business as it expands, but it also ensures that the terminating number can be changed temporarily to meet changing demands. This means that even if a business is a one-man show in the beginning, the business owner is always available to answer the telephone from home, the office or even on the go via a mobile phone.

Ease of Use

These numbers are very easy to set up and use, and they even help business owners keep track of all of their incoming calls. All of the calls to toll free numbers are paid for by the business owner, so by law, the business owner is entitled to certain information about the caller such as the calling telephone number and name, regardless of whether or not caller has a block in place. It is easy for business owners to change terminating numbers and the like on the fly because there are no complicated sequences to learn.

Professional Image

1 800 toll free numbers can turn any size business—even one that is being operated from a basement—into a huge corporation in the minds of consumers. This is because toll free numbers have long been associated with larger businesses that are more established and professional. It goes without saying that any business should be professional, but it never hurts to provide consumers with the additional peace of mind.

Extend the Reach of Marketing Campaigns

Another way in which toll free numbers can help a business is by expanding the reach of marketing campaigns. While many businesses opt for a local number, this often does not fare well when it comes to marketing outside of the local area. Consumers are more inclined to dial a toll free number than a long distance number whether or not there are any charges involved with doing so. A toll free number allows businesses to expand their marketing campaigns across the country—and even across some borders—with ease.


Finally, one of the best benefits associated with 1 800 toll free numbers is that they are usually completely scalable. This means that businesses will only pay for their usage and never for more than what they actually need. For instance, a small business that is just getting started will undoubtedly have fewer calls than a larger business with several years’ worth of clientele. This way, each business pays for exactly what it uses and expenses are kept to a minimum.

Business owners who want to provide their clients and customers with the best possible contact method should seriously consider 1 800 toll free numbers. These numbers provide some excellent advantages when they are compared with their local number counterparts.