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An Overview Of 1800 Numbers

1800 numbers are hugely popular among companies because they offer customers a free way to call with their questions, request service and more. In some cases, companies use toll free numbers as an important marketing device. Vanity toll free numbers are special toll free numbers that spell out a company’s name or the name of a product or service. These numbers are also popularly used for marketing purposes.

Rise of Toll Free Numbers

It was in 1967 that AT&T came out with the first toll free numbers with the intention to give its overworked operators some respite. In the U.S. these numbers are known as 1 800 numbers while in the rest of the world they are known as “Free phone Numbers”.  As more companies realized the advantage of toll free numbers, their popularity rose and there was a time when 800 numbers went out of supply. This was the time when another toll free prefix “888” was released. But the demand for this number continued to rise and so other toll free prefixes including 877, 866 were also released. “855” was the latest addition on this list of toll free prefixes.

The Unique Edge

Although it was assumed that cell phones would finally destroy the importance of toll free numbers that has not been the case. Some were of the opinion that cell phones would completely ruin the toll free number system. The cost of long distance calls has come down remarkably because of the fierce competition among the different cell phone service providers. There was a notion that this would make 800 numbers irrelevant. But this is did not happen. In fact, 1800 numbers have their own business value that has made them a pre-requisite for all businesses.

Gives a Marketing Edge

Someone does not need a degree to understand that people would prefer to call a number which is free. People might need to inquire about your product/service and they may not feel comfortable paying just for an inquiry. Moreover, it is a courtesy not to charge your prospects and customers. Your customers feel relaxed to call you and inquire about your products. They also feel convinced about the service they can expect from you. This is a true advantage over your competitors. 1800 numbers make a business look big, professional and smart. These numbers help to attract more customers which in turn boost sales.

Proposes Better Business Value

Once you know the needs of customers, it is easier to address them. This can actually help you to engage a caller more effectively. No advertising works better than word of mouth and a reference from a satisfied customer can do miracles. Both these can work together to get better sales for your business.  1800 numbers help you to provide better customer service and add value to your service/product. This way the business value of an 800 number far exceeds the merits of a cell phone.

Using Vanity Numbers

For marketing and advertising reasons, it is always better to use vanity numbers. Vanity numbers are unforgettable and make your business and contact information memorable simultaneously.  A vanity number is an alphanumeric number that contains a combination of words and numbers. The letters of this number spell out the business name/ product name/service name it’s associated with.


1800 Numbers for Every Business

If you want to make your business successful you must strengthen your communication system. It is known to all that your communication system can make or break your relationship with your customers. 1800 numbers (also known as toll free numbers) are one of the most advanced means that help you build your relationship with your customers. If you are using this number with a virtual phone system you can also enjoy some smart features in addition to the features of a traditional phone system, like: call forwarding, auto attendant, voicemail, and text transcription of voicemail (voice message sent via email), online fax and others.

For the success of your business, it is important that you project the right image of your business to your customers and 1800 numbers help you doing that. It establishes your credibility and professionalism almost instantly. Getting a toll free number is not pricey at all today.

Real Estate Agents

All businesses benefit from 1800 numbers. But there are some professionals for whom toll free numbers are all the more important: for example the realtors. A real estate professional is perhaps someone who needs seamless and reliable connectivity with his customers all the time. At the same time they need to maintain the privacy of their number.  A realtor can put their 1800 numbers and extension on signs in front of properties and when people call in they can listen to hear about the features of the house – how many rooms, the yard, how old it is, any newly added features, etc. Then they can leave a message to have someone call them back. Also, since the phone system captures the caller ID of the caller, the real estate agent can call anyone who listened to the information about a specific property. Thus a realtor can maintain the privacy of his own personal number without compromising business needs.

Home Based Businesses

1800 numbers play an important role in all home based businesses.  They need to attract new customers and build on their customer’s base. The need to look professional and credible is all the more important for home businesses.  Unless they gain the credibility of their customers they cannot get business. If they are using 1800 numbers with their virtual phone they can make their business look and sound big easily.  They enjoy all the benefits of a virtual phone while at the same time enjoying the benefits of a toll free number. Moreover, the success of marketing campaigns is crucial for small businesses and home based businesses. A toll free number has proved to be more successful than any normal phone number in these marketing campaigns.

Customer Care Professionals

The business of call centers and customer care professionals are entirely dependent on phone number. Their work starts as soon as they receive a query or complaint from their customers. 1 800 numbers encourage your customers to call you because they are not spending anything for the call. A call from your customer is an opportunity for your business. A toll free number is important because it influences your customers and also your business.

1800 numbers are relevant for every business. The rising demand for this number has created a scarcity for the popular toll free prefix – 800. A new set of toll free prefixes has emerged in its place but the significance of this number has remained unchanged.

Why You Need 1800 Numbers?

Small businesses are constantly in search of ways to compete with big companies that offer similar products or similar services.  One of the ways small businesses can create a difference is by using 1 800 numbers. A toll free number is one of the most important investments for your company. It is one of the effective business tools that open up your communication with your customers and business contacts.  Your business can use this number to stay profitable. No matter you are starting your new business or you are in the business for quite some time, you can equally benefit from this 1 800 numbers without any hefty investment.

It’s Very Affordable

With the rising demand for 1800 numbers, service providers are offering toll free numbers at a very competitive rate. You can choose your 1800 numbers only by paying a one-time fee of $25 in addition to a fee for a phone service. This is a negligible fee to make your business look and sound bigger. This fee is nothing in comparison to the benefits that you reap using this number. Moreover, it is a one-time payment and you do not have any recurring commitments.

Offers Advanced Call Management Features

If you are using 1800 numbers with virtual phone system you get all the advanced call management features just by paying a minimal monthly fee. It has features like, call forwarding, call screening and voicemail. Whenever your customer calls on 1800 numbers an auto attendant receives the call. The auto attendant greets your customer and routes him to the right person or department he/she wants to speak to.

Be More Accessible to Customers

With a virtual phone system you can take your 1800 numbers wherever you go. It has call forwarding feature that can forward your call to your personal cell phone and you can answer your customers even when you are on the go. You can also set how you want your calls to be routed to your existing number, according to time of the day or day of the week.

Benefit of Caller ID

If you are using 1800 numbers on your virtual telephone your business can also benefit by using caller ID. If you are unable to answer your customer’s call for some reason the caller ID captures all the details of your customer like his phone number, time of call etc and you can call back your customer in a more appropriate time.

Decide Which Call is Most Important

1800 numbers on a virtual phone system also offers the benefit of voicemail box. If your customer cannot speak to your directly he can leave a voice message in your voicemail box.  You also have the flexibility to screen the call and decide which call needs more attention and should be answered immediately and which call you can route to your voicemail box so that he can get back at your convenience.

Reach Your Customers Anywhere

If you are using 1 800 numbers your customers no longer need to dial confusing long distance codes. He can directly dial your toll free number from anywhere to reach you at any time of the day. This feature becomes very important in today’s business scenario where your customers are no longer restricted to your local neighborhood.

Go Big with 1800 Numbers

In today’s economic scenario if you dream to make your business successful you have to find out your niche position not only in local business market but also beyond that. 1800 numbers help you establish yourself in the business arena. You first need to have your own business number because a sound communication system is the simplest way that helps you earn your customer’s confidence.  1800 numbers is the most ideal communication tool that you should utilize to make your business effort a success. This number not only makes your business look and sound big but also makes you accessible from anywhere in the country.

An Effective Marketing Tool

Most of the advertising agencies and marketing specialists will agree that the easiest way a customer can reach you is through phone. 1800 numbers help you expand your limit.  Advertising on the internet, TV or any other form of marketing tools comes only second to using 1800 numbers. It is a good way to make you popular across the country.  Using vanity numbers is another way to make people remember your number. Vanity toll free numbers works incredibly and you can expect calls from people during any of their emergencies.

Easy Accessibility

Toll free numbers help you maintain the privacy of your personal number and yet remain accessible for your customers all the time. You publish your 1 800 numbers on all your business communications – business cards, flyers, brochures and your customers will call you on that number. You can also forward your call to your personal cell phone or residential phone. So your number remains private without compromising your business.  1 800 numbers are accessible from anywhere. Your customers need not dial any complex long distance code to get connected to you. They can directly dial your number from anywhere.

New Toll Free Prefix

With the rising demand for 1800 numbers there has been a scarcity in the 800 prefix. So new prefixes like, 855,888,877 are now being used in place of 800 prefix. Though these new prefixes have similar benefits of 800 prefix yet businesses are little hesitant to use it. 800 prefix is the most recognized toll free prefix and there has been always a preference to use this. But in case if you do not find any available 800 prefix do not hesitate to use other prefixes.  A toll free number is more important for your business rather than a prefix.

No Obstruction for Your Business

Amongst the biggest perks for using 1800 numbers is the ability to work from anywhere. Even while you are on vacation or staying home with your sick child it forwards your call to your personal number. So there’s no chance of your business getting restrained because you are not available to answer your customer’s call or for some other reason.

Great Business Device

1800 numbers are a great boon for any business and more so for real estate professionals. A real estate professional receives a huge number of calls every day and when your customer knows that they are not going to pay for their call it is quite likely that they will call you even with a little query and you will have better chances of business.  A toll free number can change your business forever.

Advantages of 1 800 Toll Free Numbers

There are plenty of advantages for businesses of all sizes when it comes to 1 800 toll free numbers. They provide plenty of portability, they help to promote a larger and more professional company image, they help expand the reach of marketing campaigns, and they are completely scalable to meet the demands of the business.


Small businesses can certainly benefit from the portability that 1 800 toll free numbers can provide. This portability allows the number to be moved from location to location along with the business as it expands, but it also ensures that the terminating number can be changed temporarily to meet changing demands. This means that even if a business is a one-man show in the beginning, the business owner is always available to answer the telephone from home, the office or even on the go via a mobile phone.

Ease of Use

These numbers are very easy to set up and use, and they even help business owners keep track of all of their incoming calls. All of the calls to toll free numbers are paid for by the business owner, so by law, the business owner is entitled to certain information about the caller such as the calling telephone number and name, regardless of whether or not caller has a block in place. It is easy for business owners to change terminating numbers and the like on the fly because there are no complicated sequences to learn.

Professional Image

1 800 toll free numbers can turn any size business—even one that is being operated from a basement—into a huge corporation in the minds of consumers. This is because toll free numbers have long been associated with larger businesses that are more established and professional. It goes without saying that any business should be professional, but it never hurts to provide consumers with the additional peace of mind.

Extend the Reach of Marketing Campaigns

Another way in which toll free numbers can help a business is by expanding the reach of marketing campaigns. While many businesses opt for a local number, this often does not fare well when it comes to marketing outside of the local area. Consumers are more inclined to dial a toll free number than a long distance number whether or not there are any charges involved with doing so. A toll free number allows businesses to expand their marketing campaigns across the country—and even across some borders—with ease.


Finally, one of the best benefits associated with 1 800 toll free numbers is that they are usually completely scalable. This means that businesses will only pay for their usage and never for more than what they actually need. For instance, a small business that is just getting started will undoubtedly have fewer calls than a larger business with several years’ worth of clientele. This way, each business pays for exactly what it uses and expenses are kept to a minimum.

Business owners who want to provide their clients and customers with the best possible contact method should seriously consider 1 800 toll free numbers. These numbers provide some excellent advantages when they are compared with their local number counterparts.